Country Clubs Culture Shift to Attract New Audiences

Changing times had left many Country Clubs in a deteriorating state just a few years back. Many realized they would have to adapt to more casual rules and more family friendly activities in order to reach the younger Millennial and GenX audience groups - and many have been successful in doing just that. And so private clubs are no longer “your daddy’s or granddaddy’s clubs.”Although many have grown to understand the needs of this new group of members, there is still a great number of Country Clubs that are struggling with showcasing a refreshed image and story online that reflect these societal changes. Now by targeting an audience who is tech savvy and does much of their research online, it is imperative to have easy to navigate, modern websites, active social channels and lots of quality content (especially video!) that speaks to the Club’s lifestyle and experiences. Here are 3 ways Country Clubs need to enhance their digital brand and online presence: Robust and Optimized Website PropertiesUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you know it’s not enough to have a website anymore. A website provides the first experience your members or potential members will have of your property - it could mean the difference between gaining a new member or not. If it’s not mobile optimized, not search optimized, not a great user experience, or lacking quality imagery and video that portrays the lifestyle, than you are not using your website to its full potential.Younger generations are very tech savvy, and not only want great user experiences, but the fully expect it of any business they are associated with.Social Media and EmailIn order to effectively market your Country Club and stay top of mind, you need to place yourself where your members are every day. With over 2 billion active users, members expect to find you on Facebook, among other social channels. But again, it’s not enough just to be there, there must be a strategy to your social media presence. 51% of users said they would unfollow a brand for posting irrelevant or irritating content, so it is imperative to understand what your users want and produce quality content that reflects that. Email is another great opportunity to both nurture member prospects or engage with members to keep them involved and active within the community. Emails must be optimized for all screens sized, from large display screens to mobile screens since users are checking their email on a variety of devices. Using reporting tools you can gain learnings each month on your email success and continuously Your Country Club should also take advantage of utilizing email automation for potential members that are interested in learning more. It is common for Country Club internal teams to follow up with interested leads only once or twice before abandoning the lead. Did you know that 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to buy (Source: Gleanster Research). That means you need to stay top of mind in order to be there for them when they are ready. Quality Video ContentOne of the best ways to instantly provide instant clarity and credibility to your Country Club is to create quality video that depicts your unique lifestyle while showcasing advantages to your property, golf course, or other amenities. A great example of showcasing lifestyle through video is a recent video our team created for Woodway Country Club.

One more example that was created as a property overview video for Centennial Golf Club, gives users instant insight into the beauty of the property and the amenities available to members.

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