LOLA: The New App For Business Travelers

Meet Lola, your best new travel companion. Being a business traveler can be tough — often, these so-called road warriors are overlooked by travel agents, travel apps and other travel websites in favor of the more traditional vacationers, such as families or spring breakers. Lola, a Boston company, seeks to change with the development of technology that provides solutions to the most common business travel dilemmas.[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="89,90"]Lola touts itself as a travel app for the most advanced travelers, aiming to improve business travel for good. Rather than offering the same solution for every traveler, Lola aims to create personalized experiences to benefit employees and their companies. Paul English, co-founder of the travel meta-search engine Kayak, launched Lola with the mission to develop an app that would keep business travelers’ needs in mind first. Say goodbye to finding a travel agent or, even more hectic, trying to manage your work and making your travel arrangements simultaneously.Traveling for business isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Every trip and each traveler are different. Rather than providing a cookie-cutter solution to business travel, Lola creates a travel experience that meets your needs. You’ll receive personalized travel results with preferences that are unique to you. Using artificial intelligence (A.I.), Lola gives each user what the company is calling a “personal travel algorithm.” And this tailored travel experience doesn’t end at individualized travel results; Lola also offers a world-class concierge team dedicated to making sure that your entire trip runs as smooth as possible. Have questions? Need to make changes to your plans? Lola can handle it.

Lola provides more than a seamless experience for travelers; Lola Works is an extension of Lola Travel that functions as a travel management portal for employers. This portal allows managers and business owners to see where employees and colleagues are in real-time. It also enables these stakeholders to track their travel spend, which may lead to better project management and an improved budget when it comes to workplace travel expenses.Download Lola* and get ready to upgrade your business travel.*You can download Lola now on the App Store or from Google Play.